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Shaft Lines / Propulsion Gear

  • Evaluation of the optimal gearbox reduction ratio
  • Dimensioning the shaft diameter
  • Dimensioning couplings, flanges, bolts
  • Calculation of torsional, lateral and longitudinal vibrations
  • Optimization of bearing spacings (positioning of shaft brackets, radial and axial bearings)
  • Design of complete shaft lines from engine resp. gear box flange up to the propeller incl. class approval
  • Consultation
  • Expert opinion / supervision / survey of manufacturing
  • Damage analysis

In an ideal approach, propeller, shaft line and ship appendages are jointly designed from the very early project stage in order to be perfectly adapted to each other.

Because of comprehensive know-how in model testing as well as practical experience, ISA can also give you professional advice in calculating and designing your shaft lines and propulsion gear.


ISA Propulsion GmbH & Co.KG
Sierichstraße 54
D-22301 Hamburg

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