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Sea trials & operational data analysis

  • Planning and execution according to international standards
  • Analysis and evaluation including corrections which may become necessary due to ship and environmental conditions not matching the contract conditions.

Despite new calculation methods, simulations and model testing, only sea trials can give final certainty regarding the actual ship performance.

The more professionally a sea trial is being planned and carried out, the better the results can be analysed and conclusions can be drawn regarding individual propulsion components.

In case of routine continuous monitoring additional statistical methods and plausibility check are necessary to filter significant results from a huge database.

Eckhard Praefke has accompanied and analysed many sea trials. This has built his profound knowledge regarding sea trials on the one hand and has validated calculation methods on the other. He is a member of the working group “Leistungserzeugung, Vortrieb, Hilfsmaschinen“ DIN – standards on ships and marine technology, which also looks on this subject


ISA Propulsion GmbH & Co.KG
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