ISA Propulsion GmbH & Co.KG - Sierichstraße 54, 22301 Hamburg


  • For boats and ships of any category or size
  • Selection of the most suitable type of propulsor (fully wetted, partially submerged or super-cavitating propeller, waterjet, Pod- / Z-drive)
  • Design / analysis of all propeller types (fixed pitch, controllable pitch, open or ducted, with / without stator, single or contra-rotating, with / without rudder / pod-housing etc.)
  • Design including class approval
  • Consulting
  • Expert opinion / supervision / survey of propeller manufacturing
  • Damage analysis
  • Boss and blade strength assessment acc. class requirements and by means of FEA (finite element analysis)
  • Flow simulation through CFD (computational fluid dynamics)

Many years of experience in various areas of propeller design for ships of all categories and sizes make propeller design one of the core competencies of ISA.

The latest numerical tools are used to best meet the customer needs: apart from high precision in meeting the specified propeller rpm and a high degree of efficiency, this includes the prevention of cavitation erosion and low noise emission as well as other parameters requested by the customer.


ISA Propulsion GmbH & Co.KG
Sierichstraße 54
D-22301 Hamburg

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