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„Development of a framework for the design of hydrodynamic components for innovative manoeuvring and propulsion devices“ (HYKOPS)

Research and development project HYKOPS, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) on the orders of the German Bundestag and PtJ as the conducting agency (FKZ 03SX401).

Nine German project partners (Universities, research centres, industry) under the lead of Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft

ISA sub project “Development of a framework for a parameter based description of the propeller geometry and its application to optimisation techniques”

The ISA sub project is a generalisation and refinement of a method already used for propeller design. After the development of the specification in collaboration with the project partners as well as numerical tests this framework data model will be implemented. The field tested methods of parametrisation an optimisation will be adapted and extended.

ISA-internal preliminary studies in the area of propeller design incorporate (in contrast to common practice) non-cylindrical-section-based blade geometry generation and optimization techniques.

The definition of a consistent and flexible data format for hydrodynamic components is a task ISA has been following up for quite some time. In order to prepare for a successful implementation, a data model with matching methods as well as im- / export user interfaces is designed on the basis of a specification analysis. The framework will initially be used for selected test cases and transferred into day to day design routines as soon as possible. On the one hand this should simplify the 3D-modeling process and the data exchange between customers and industry partners as well as on the other hand enable a faster development and implementation of innovative concepts.

The development of the data model and the link to hydrodynamic calculation methods are the key targets of the sub project by ISA. By integrating the framework into the propeller design environment, the applicability as data model during the design is demonstrated as well as the usability as interface.


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