ISA Propulsion GmbH & Co.KG - Sierichstraße 54, 22301 Hamburg

ISA – engineering consultancy for ship hydrodynamics and propulsion

ISA is your consultant for all questions regarding ship hydrodynamics and propulsion.

Head of ISA is Eckhard Praefke who has many years of experience in the area of ship hydrodynamics. Ship propulsion units are designed and evaluated on the basis of modern numerical tools (FEA, CFD).

Professional Experience Eckhard Praefke

After finishing his studies in naval architecture and mechanical engineering in Hannover and Hamburg he started his professional career at the Hamburg ship model basin (HSVA).

In 15 years he gained extensive experience with all categories of ships. Apart from planning, execution and analysis of model tests in commercial and research projects, the design of ship propellers became his main focus.

Since 2001 Eckhard Praefke is responsible for all propeller designs at Schaffran Propeller + Service GmbH.

Memberships in the following expert committees:

  • DIN expert committee „ship propeller“ (German institute for standardization)
  • German Society of naval architects expert committee „Ship Hydrodynamics“
  • German Society of naval architects expert committee „Vibration & Noise“
  • Working group „turbo engines“ (propellers, pumps and similar devices)

Research Activities:

  • „Development of a framework for the design of hydrodynamic components for innovative manoeuvring and propulsion devices“ (HYKOPS)


ISA Propulsion GmbH & Co.KG
Sierichstraße 54
D-22301 Hamburg

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